Getting Started

What is RH Viber Bot?

RH Viber bot is a one-stop Viber based commerce solution where you can check the healthcare services offered by Relish Healthcare and complete the booking with payment service integrated within the Viber bot. So, you don't have to do back and forth to a website or laptop. You can directly book Relish Healthcare's services from Viber using our RHBot solution.

How to start using RH Viber Bot?

Use viber application and just send Hi or Hello to our RHBot! You can open viber chat from your mobile using this link too: Hi RHBot

Do i have to install any application to use RHBot?

Yes, you'll have to install viber chat application from Google or Apple App Store, Download Info. For more information about viber chat app check Viber Website

How RH Bot Works

How this viber bot works?

Our Viber Bot is an application developed using Viber's API. We have created a workflow to collect basic details from you and provide our health services. For each service, we will ask you for your email, phone & your address and that's it. You can then check your booking overview before proceeding with the payment. Once the payment is done our RHBot will notify you with SMS & Email notification with your booking confirmation.

How is booking handled?

All the RHBot is secured with the verification flow, so once the booking payment is confirmed we will send you confirmation notification via SMS & Email after that our team will verify all the details and connect with you in case something else is required. As per the booking details, our designated health professional will visit your location or provide you Online Consultation.


What are the services offered from RH Viber Bot?

RH Viber Bot supports three main healthcare services that we offer.

  1. Doctor Visit Booking at your location
  2. Health Test Booking at your location
  3. Online Health Consultation Booking

What is Doctor Visit Booking?

We have different medical specialists and general physicians. Now, you need to seek medical help from a Doctor then instead of going to the Doctor's Clinic or to the Hospital we bring Doctors & Specialists to your places.


What is Health Test Booking?

Similar to Doctor Visit Booking, we also support the Health Lab Test Booking at your location. So, when any doctor recommends any health test or you want to get tested then instead of looking for a lab center we bring that services to your location for your comfort.

What is Online Health Consultation?

Online consultation is a great way to connect with our medical professionals through online mediums like Video Call, Voice Call & Chat. You can quickly get advice, support & guidance without waiting for a physical visit.


What are the payment options?

For RHBot we currently support Fonepay, Esewa & Cash On Visit.

What is this QR Code payment?

We have integrated Fonepay payment gateway where we offer QR Code based payment. You can use either Fonepay App or your Own Bank App and scan our QR Code to pay for the services. For more details check: here

What is the cancellation policy?

  1. If you cancel before 12 Hours (more than 12 hours) then it's 100% refundable.
  2. If you cancel within 12 Hours (less than 12 hours) then 50% is refundable.


How can i cancel my booking?

You can just send us your cancellation request and that's it, we will process your refund according to the refund policy.

To send your request you can call us at: +977-9813843365, send whatsapp message, send message on Facebook, send an email at:, so fill in our Contact Us Form