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RH Viber bot is a one-stop Viber based commerce solution where you can check the healthcare services offered by Relish Healthcare and complete the booking with payment service integrated within the Viber bot. So, you don't have to do back and forth to a website or laptop. You can directly book Relish Healthcare's services from Viber using our RHBot solution.

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Just Say Hi or Hello and select the services offered

Once the service is selected you can provide your basic details like email, phone number, and your location. Currently, we only provide health services at Pokhara, Lalitpur & Kathmandu. We have also added a valid address/location protection to ensure ease for the doctors to visit at your location. So, make sure that you enter your correct address and in a proper format. The format is easy, the format is: <local-street-name>,<lalitput/kathmandu/pokhara>, nepal. Example: "sundhara, kathmandu, nepal" The local street name is your area name like sundhara and then a comma, then the city name that could be lalitpur or kathmandu or pokhara then a comma and finally Nepal at the end.

Booking Overview

Fill in your details and check the overview

Once all your details are filled in you will be shown an overview message with the service selected, the price of the service, and all your details. You'll have to confirm to proceed with the payment process.


Pay directly from your mobile

For the payment you'll be presented with a FonePay QR Code, you can use your banking app or FonePay app to scan the QR code and pay for the service. Once the payment is done you can confirm the booking process by clicking on the Done button. That's it, your booking is confirmed and you'll receive an Email and SMS Notification with the booking details.

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